Varis is a great house for visiting dogs with their humans. And we’ve even had visiting cats from Belgium.

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We follow our trade organisation, the Association of Scottish Self-Caterers Paws for a Break Pet Welcome Charter. 

We accept up to three dogs automatically for a charge of £25 per dog per stay.  This will be added to your final payment. If you want to bring more than 3 dogs or other animals, do talk to us. We just need to check that the house and garden are suitable.

The garden is enclosed with a 1.5m post and wire fence over most of it. The main wooden gate is however lower. The location is very quiet and away from main roads :its safe enough for the resident dogs are often out and about beyond their own gardens.

Assistance dogs are of course exempt from this charge and we are always happy to make reasonable adjustments to our normal rules for any disability. We would expect assistance dogs to join their handlers in bedrooms if that is more comfortable for everyone.

We provide

  1. Maps for local walks including a network of livestock and traffic free woodland paths direct from the garden.
  2. Details of the many pet friendly restaurants and pubs locally.
  3. An enclosed garden – but be aware this is agricultural style fencing so escapologists should be supervised.
  4. Dog poo bags and torch for late night walks.
  5. Water bowls.
  6. A large utility room and kitchen for your dogs to sleep in. Do bring their familiar bedding.
  7. Plastic dog beds and an outdoor kennel inside an outhouse for dogs who prefer to sleep outdoors.
  8. Details of the local vets.
  9. An outside tap and hose to help wash down muddy dogs and boots.
  10. Holiday tags with address and phone number of house and ourselves. A lost pet in a strange environment is a big worry and anything that helps reunite …
  11. Delicious snacks courtesy from Sir Woofchester.
Tired dog relaxing by log fire
Visiting pup, Aldo, a wire haired Viszla

We do have a few rules.  

  1. Pets must be house trained.
  2. Please keep pets out of the bedrooms.  There is a child gate across the bedroom corridor to make this easy. If you want your pet in the bedroom, please bring something to cover the entire bed or bring your own bedding.
  3. Bring your own throws if your pets join you on sofas and chairs.
  4. You must clear up dog mess from the garden and, of course, ensure they don’t soil inside the house.
  5. Do bring your pets normal soft beds, blankets and toys.
  6. We recommend using a tick collar or other effective treatment on your dogs for the duration of the stay.
  7. Please vacuum carpets and rugs before you leave.